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Read The Life Junkie – by Simon A. Bubb

The Life Junkie - by Simon A. Bubb

70 Life Points lifestyle system

The Life Junkie is the revolutionary new paradigm in lifestyle design that will get your life on track today. This awe-inspiring new book describes how the Life Points system provides an objective approach to living, so that your life can be measured and improved upon over time. The Life Points system is simple: every aspect and significant things you do in your life is worth a Life Point and, the more good things you do in each of the six Life Elements, the higher your total Life Score. As your Life Score increases, you will start to feel better in life. Aiming for a 70% Life Score balanced throughout your six Life Elements is the key to success:

6 Life Elements


Any place and location you call home


Whatever you spend most of your mental and physical energy doing

during working hours can be considered work in that context.


This is defined as any task which requires a certain degree of mental concentration, learning, physical effort or application of skill to effectively overcome specific obstacles and challenges.


My definition of pleasure is any experience that excites one or more

of our senses more so than the norm of any average moment in the

day. It is tangible and repeatable.


Your social ‘sphere’ includes anyone you interact and engage with on a social level who is not your partner.


This element refers to anyone in your life with whom intimacy is present or is a mutually desired outcome.

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